Do you have craze to listen to songs and music? But the problem here is that you are facing difficulty in finding an app which has a large number of songs and pop music. You have no need to worry my dear. I have a special gift Spotify Premium APK which is best for you.

Spotify Premium APK

Spotify Premium APK

Spotify APK is an online streaming platform from where you can listen to music, songs, podcasts, and many more audio tracks. This app makes it easier to search for your favorite music and share it with your friend’s community without paying a single penny.

Spotify gives you quick access from classical music to pop singing. Simply you have to touch the play button to start the track of the unlimited songs. Spotify has now become a multi-national brand. It is almost hard for the young generation to live without it. If you don’t use it anytime. Give it a try. I assure you that you are going to enjoy it. But once you visited it you will be addicted. Then you want to enjoy it every time.

Bottom line!

Spotify has two versions which are “freemium and premium”. Its freemium version is amazing which has a lot of features just like the premium version. But it will irritate you because there will ad play during your track songs and this will destroy your rhythm of enjoyment. On the other side if you are able to pay then the premium version is excellent. There will be no ad play and you can also enjoy many extra features which are not in the freemium version.

Spotify Premium APP

AUTHORSpotify Ltd
CATEGORYMusic & Audio
LAST UPDATED4 April 2019
OFFICIAL PLAYSTORE LINKSpotify Google Playstore Android
WEB PLAYERUpdated Browser Chrome, Opera, Mozilla
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTSAll Version Available but preferred Without root, Without Jailbreak
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTSAndroid 4.1 + , iOS 9 or Above, Windows 7 or Above, OSX 10.9 or above

The unique feature of Spotify is that it is compatible with computers, Android smartphones, smart TV, and many more devices. There are no restrictions on track play and also no advertisement during the songs. One feature that makes it superior from others is that by enabling Spotify Premium APK offline mode you can listen to songs even you have not internet facilitation. You are free to download music and songs of your choice and same them in your smartphone. In this way, you can listen to those songs when you are offline. Moreover, the quality of premium songs is high definition.

Interestingly Spotify has a built-in player which automatically shuffles the track songs so that you will not feel bored due to the repetition of songs. This function also makes it easy for you to listen to your favorite songs and you will listen to all songs in the gallery of Spotify. If you don’t like a song you can forward it.

Spotify premium rates are very fine and affordable. For the premium subscription, you have to pay only 0.99$ for the first three months. If you enjoy the first three months then after that you have to pay $9.99 per month.


Features of  Spotify APK MODE

As mentioned earlier that premium version has extra features than fermium version. You can only enjoy them if you paid for them. Here I am going to discuss some unique features of Spotify:

  • Offline mode

First and foremost feature of Spotify is that you can download and save your favorite songs. And you can enjoy those songs when you will offline. You can download songs up-to 3000. In this way, you are also able to save your internet data.

  • Quality of the song

There are three different categories of songs quality which are “Normal, high, and Extreme”. The Extreme quality is called “premium” which plays at the rate of 320kbps, which helps you a lot in making your enjoyment more interesting. Good news for you is that there is no need to root your Android device for all this.

  • No ads play

Spotify APK Premium mode no ads is the main feature of the APK app. Mean there will be no advertisements during your track songs play. As there is a problem of commercial ads which play during songs in the freemium version. But you will not face this irritation if you paid for. You will not be interrupted by these bloody ads.

  • Built-in Player

In the freemium version, there is no facilitation of built-in player. Mean if they don’t like a song then it is impossible for them to skip the track song. But in Premium version you can skip unlimited songs. Shockingly you have no need to change the songs because it will be changed automatically due to the built-in player.

  • No storage space required

You don’t have any need for space to save your favorite track songs. Because once you play the track it will be saved on the Spotify server. In this way when you want to listen to that song just go to the Spotify history and your favorite songs will present comfortably.

Here’s the big deal!

Spotify Premium APK Mode offers different deals. If you are a student you can enjoy it at less rate than others.

For students Spotify Premium: $4.99 per month

For family Spotify Premium APK for laptop: $14.99 per month.

If you are a student and want to save the money then Spotify Premium free deal for students is best for you. In spite of reasonable packages for different groups, some people are not even able to pay. So that’s why they look for Spotify Premium APK cracked version to download.

Download Spotify Premium MOD APK

You are easily downloaded the Spotify Premium APK for Android, IOS, PC, Windows, and Android TV. And you what the best part of this? The best part is that there’s no need to root android smartphone for downloading it.

How to download & Install on Android

The procedure to download and install Spotify Premium APK on Android is very simple. For this just follow the below-given steps:

  1. Firstly download the Spotify Premium APK.
  2. You should know that the downloaded APK app file will be in zip style. So you are required to have a built-in file manager to unzip it.
  3. After unzipping the APK file. Click on the file to install it.
  4. But as you install it as a third party app. due to this reason your smartphone will restrict you to install it on your phone.
  5. Now go to android settings.
  6. Open apps and enable the option “apps from an unknown source”.
  7. When you start the installation an option “Allow from this source” will be shown to you enable it.
  8. Finally, your Spotify APK will be installed after a few minutes. Ann APK app icon will be on the home screen of your smartphone.

Download Latest Spotify Premium APK

After successful installation put specific details required to log-in into the Spotify app. once you put the information your profile will be built by the server. Now you are free to enjoy your track songs journey.

Be careful!

Spotify has initiated crack-down against those users who are using hacked, mode, and changed Spotify APK premium for free. Mean they are violating the patent rights which is illegal. And they are using the data through piracy. They are also sending alert mail to stop this.

In that mail, they convey a message to the user that is “we noted an unusual activity in your Spotify APK premium that’s why we are disabling it. But you have no need to worry your APK account is quite safe. Now just uninstall the app and download it from Play store with premium authorized services. If there is a need for any kind of guidance we are here just for you. If there will be a violation of rules your account will be suspended”.

Just after the distribution of this mail, developers have launched a new version of Spotify APK premium with advanced changes. And these changes will completely restrict audience from illegal use. Due to this change, it is now very difficult to use this APK app for free. But you have no need to worry because nothing is impossible and still there are methods exist that are effective to crack the Spotify premium APK.

How to avoid automatic log-out due to the new modifications in the application of Spotify when you are using it for free??

After reading this news that due to the new additions in the Spotify Premium APK mode you are not able to use it for free you will definitely be sad.

Relax dear! Every problem on this planet has a solution. Because the internet has changed the world. If one problem arises. In the very next moment, ten solutions to that problem come in the market. Similarly due to cracked version if your account logged-out then it has also a solution.

Just follow the below given steps to avoid this problem.

  1. Open the “settings” of your Android smartphone.
  2. Now go to “apps”.
  3. You will be shown the whole list of apps.
  4. Search Spotify from the given list of apps.
  5. After finding Spotify click on it.
  6. When you click on Spotify APK its whole detail will be in front of you.
  7. Now go to “storage option” on the lower side of Spotify app details.
  8. When you click on the “storage” then two options “clear data and clear cache” will appear.
  9. You have to select both options to reset it.
  10. A message “All of this application’s data will be deleted permanently. This includes all files, settings, accounts, databases etc.” will be on your screen. Below this message “delete” option is present. Choose that option.
  11. Now in the very next step download VPN in your browser from Google Play store.
  12. Enable the VPN.
  13. Finally log-in to your Spotify account by putting your details. Once you log-in to Spotify APK premium now you can use it without VPN.

FAQ’S ABOUT Spotify APK Premium

Question: Is it possible to enjoy the Premium Version of Spotify APK if an app is not officially available in your country?

Answer: Yes, definitely it is possible.

Question: How is it possible to run Spotify Premium APK in a blocked country?

Answer:  Its procedure is very simple you have to follow the steps given below:

  1. Firstly you have to install any VPN of your choice.
  2. Now open the VPN and choose the USA as your server’s location.
  3. Open Google Chrome. And open a new Incognito tab very carefully.
  4. Now move towards
  5. Due to VPN, you will automatically be redirected to the US website.
  6. Log-in into Spotify APK.
  7. Go on the lower side of the page and click on “edit profile”.
  8. From profile change the country from the UK TO USA. And save this change.
  9. Finally, you will be allowed to enjoy the app.

Question: Is there any possibility of being banned on Spotify?

Answer: If you are using tactics to hack or crack the APK app then officials will block you. Mean if you did not pay for the app but you are trying to access it for free.

Question: How to download Spotify Premium APK for a laptop?

Answer: Simple procedure to download Spotify on your laptop is:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Then go to
  3. Download Spotify APK from this link.
  4. The app will be downloaded and save in your download folder.
  5. Install the APK app.
  6. Install the APK app.
  7. After successful installation put the basic information necessary to log-in.
  8. Once you logged-in enjoy your track songs.

Question: Is it possible to download Spotify APK premium on your PC?

Answer: Yes, it is possible.

  • But you have to download app emulator “NOx Player” to run it on your PC.
  • After installing NOx player on your PC open it.
  • Now go to setting option in NOx player.
  • Enable the option “app from unknown sources”.
  • Then install Spotify APK.
  • The installation process will take a few minutes. After which you can enjoy Spotify Premium APK on your PC.

Question: Is it possible to download Spotify APK Premium for free?

Answer: Yes. It is possible to download Spotify APK Premium for free.

Question: How to download Spotify APK Premium for free?

Answer: Good news for you is that you can download Spotify APK Premium on iPhone without jailbreak.

Steps to download Spotify APK Premium for free are:

  1. In the very first step, you have to download TweakBox.
  2. Secondly, install TweakBox app.
  3. TweakBox app icon will be on your home page of the iPhone.
  4. Now simply open TweakBox.
  5. Type “Spotify APK” in the search bar.
  6. You will get Spotify on the screen.
  7. Click on the download button.
  8. Finally, you get your Spotify APK Premium for free.

Question: Is Spotify APK available free for android?

Answer: YES, Spotify gives free access to its Android users. But it changes mod only.

Question: How to download songs from Spotify for free?

Answer: Procedure for download songs for free from Spotify is:

  1. Firstly download NoteBurner Spotify song converter.
  2. Now install NoteBurner.
  3. The track songs which you want to download from Spotify add those songs in NoteBurner.
  4. Then click in the middle of NoteBurner.
  5. Modify settings of output according to your desire.
  6. Finally, your songs are ready to download from Spotify for free.

Question: How much Spotify Premium charge money?

Answer: It charges about $9.99 per month.

Question: IS this possible to access Spotify APK Premium for free forever?

Answer: You only can access the premium version for 30 days as a trial. Then you have to pay for it.


Finally, this was all about Spotify Premium APK. If you love to listen to songs without any interruption then no other app can be suitable for you. There are many other APK apps available on the app store. But one feature that makes it unique from others is its smooth operation and built-in player. I will personally recommend you that give it a try at least for the one time. I assure you that you are going to have great fun with this APK app.

Guys enjoy your track songs. Bye!

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